A-33-OH, Strong Base Anion/Hydroxide Form Resin, A-33(OH)


Crack-Free Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin Type I Nuclear Grade

TULSION A-33 is a specially developed, premium grade, strongly basic anion exchange resin based on polystyrene matrix containing quaternary ammonium Type I groups with excellent physical and chemical stability. A-33 is regenerated in hydroxide form ensuring that not more than 3% of exchange sites are in chloride form.

TULSION A-33 is primarily used for purification of reactor coolant water and moderator in nuclear power station plants to keep corrosion products to the minimum and thus protecting the heat transfer surfaces from scaling and corrosion.

TULSION A-33 has excellent capacity for removal of boric acid. TULSION A-33 is manufactured under the most stringent quality controls to ensure minimal metallic impurities resulting in the highest purity of the ionic form supplied.

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Anion, Resin

Item Weight

50 lbs per EA

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