CARBSORB 20-75BOX, =Activated Carbon,3/4 CF Box, UPS Pack,


CARBSORB 20 is cost-effective bituminous coal-based granular activated carbons offered by Calgon Carbon Corporation for liquid phase applications. Carbsorb 20 features an adsorption capacity that allows for effective removal of organic contaminants, taste, and odor. The bituminous coal base produces a product with high hardness ensuring excellent resistance to abrasion with a product mesh size that allows for limited pressure drop. The following are typical design parameters for CarbsorbTM 20 for organics removal: Surface loading rate 26 gpm/ft2 Backwash bed expansion 20% Bituminous Coal Base Activated Carbon, 3/4 Cubic Foot Box, UPS Pack, 12×40 Mesh

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Calgon Carbon

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Activated Carbon

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22.5 lbs per EA