FILAG-50-BOX, Filter Ag, 1/2 CF Box UPS Pack, FILAG-50-BOX


Clack Filter-Ag has many outstanding advantages over the more common granular filter media used for suspended solids reduction. Its fractured edges and irregular surface provides a high surface area and complex flow path for efficient removal of suspended matter through out the filter bed, typically reducing suspended solids down to the 20-40 micron range. The larger particle size creates less pressure loss through the filter and allows deeper sediment penetration into the bed for higher sediment loading and longer filter runs.

This large and irregular shape prevents the screening and caking of sediment in the top several inches of the filter bed as happens in the typical sand filter, thus preventing a rapid build up of head loss and blinding problems. Filter-Ags light weight means lower backwash rates and better bed expansion to release trapped sediment and rinse the filter media during the backwash cycle. This ideal combination of particle shape, size and density make it a good choice where quality water filtration and water conservation are important.

Although not intended to be an iron reduction media, extensive field experience has shown Filter-Ags rough and jagged surface to be very good at entrapping the fragile iron flock that forms after dissolved iron has been oxidized. The fragmented edges are apparently good flock collection points for the precipitated iron. Typical oxidation methods include aeration, ozonation and chlorination.

Substantial savings can be realized when designing a system using Clack Filter-Ag. Its low pressure drop, high service flow rates and high bed loadings combined with lower backwash rates allow economy in equipment downsizing and reduced pumping requirements. Its light apparent density also saves on handling expense and shipping costs.

Filter-Ag can be applied to systems designed for either pressure or gravity flow. Because of its unique density, Filter-Ag can also be used in multi-media (graded density) filter designs allowing a more flexible approach to difficult filtration problems.

Filter Ag is a very efficient filter medium for the removal of suspended material and turbidity. Less pressure loss and finer filtration is possible because of its light weight and irregular surface characteristics.

There is less pressure loss through a bed of Filter-Ag than through most other filter media
Light weight requires lower back-wash rates than those required for other filter media
High service rates result in lower equipment costs and a savings in space
High sediment reduction capacity results in longer filter runs, with a substantial savings in backwash water and time out of service
Reduced shipping cost due to light weight/cu. ft.
Replacement of sand with Filter-Ag in existing installations may increase filter capacity 100% or more. Caution should be taken upon start-up that the lightweight Filter-Ag is not washed to drain.

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