SPECTRAGUARD-45, Spectraguard Anti-scalant .45 Gal Bottle, SPECTRAGUARD 111

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SpectraGuard 111 is an 11x Super Concentrated antiscalant/dispersant that has been proven as a superior pretreatment in RO feed waters. With its ability to handle high levels of carbonate, sulfate, and silica scales, SpectraGuard 111 ensures stable performance with complete control of the feed water chemistry. The 11x Super Concentrated formula significantly reduces both shipping costs and storage requirements, ideal for small facilities or international shipment. SpectraGuard 111s availability as an 11x Super Concentrated formula, combined with the phosphate/phosphonate free formula reduces a facilities negative impact on the environment. Can be blended with other PWT pretreatments such as BioGuard and OrganoGuard, reducing chemical dosing equipment. Ideal for feed sources such as seawater, well water, and surface water.

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